How Often Should Fountain of Youth Dentures™ be Cleaned?

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Traditional dentures offer long-term improvements in oral health, but prolonged use can cause mouth discomfort, diminished gum tissue, and jawbone deterioration. Breakdown in the jaw causes sagging of the facial skin, giving wearers a tired and older appearance. At Kodish-Perez Dental Group in Fort Lauderdale, FL, our experienced dentists offer patients Fountain of Youth (FOY®) Dentures. Using neuromuscular dentistry, these dentures are fitted to increase comfort, preserve gum and bone health, and provide patients with a natural, younger facial appearance.

What are Fountain of Youth (FOY) Dentures?

As opposed to traditional dentures that rest on the gums, FOY Dentures are fitted to partially rest on muscle tissue using the science of neuromuscular dentistry. This means that the dentures can provide evenly distributed pressure across the gums and jawbone, and build the bite in a position where facial and jaw muscles can optimally function. This prevents gum and jaw deterioration while preserving muscle strength for enhanced oral health and facial aesthetics.

What makes FOY Dentures different from traditional dentures?

Many patients don’t realize that the jawbone depends on natural pressure and stimulation from chewing and biting to stay strong and healthy. When natural teeth are missing, the jawbone no longer has access to that natural stimulation and begins to deteriorate. Traditional dentures are positioned directly on the jawbone and do not provide evenly distributed pressure or replace natural stimulation. Even though the wearer can successfully chew food, the jawbone will continue to break down.

FOY Dentures are fitted to rest partially on muscles rather than the jawbone. This provides the mouth with even pressure across the gums and stimulates natural muscle contractions to keep the mouth, face, and jawbone strong. The most common reason patients choose FOY Dentures over traditional dentures is because it makes wearers appear younger. This is because FOY Dentures work to build up the bite with natural muscle stimulation, helping to prevent facial features from sinking and sagging over time.

Why do traditional dentures make someone look older?

When we are younger and still developing, our teeth, skin, muscles, and bones typically grow harmoniously together to create strong oral health while maintaining our youthful appearance. As we age, natural wear and tear shorten the teeth, which directly shortens the face, causing the skin to sag and fold around the mouth, neck, and jawline. Traditional dentures are placed in the most stable position possible, directly on the jawbone, which does not combat the density loss in natural teeth. Without the natural height in your teeth, facial skin starts to loosen and sag. At the same time, traditional dentures push teeth inward and back, giving the face a sunken appearance.

How much do FOY dentures cost?

Since FOY Denture fittings are highly customized, the cost will vary by patient. Some dental insurance policies offer partial coverage for FOY dentures, but it is essential for each patient to consult with their insurance provider for more coverage details. Our team at Kodish-Perez Dental Group works with each patient to discuss insurance coverage options and financial planning to determine the best course of dental treatment.

How often should FOY Dentures be cleaned?

Just like natural teeth, FOY dentures should be sanitized 1 to 2 times daily ( twice is preferred) to remove unwanted food particles and staining. Our team will provide patients with additional cleaning tips, such as using denture-specific cleaning solutions and mild soaps to extend denture life for long-term wear.

Learn more about FOY dentures in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you are looking for dentures that securely fit while providing a natural aesthetic improvement to your facial features, call our dental team at Kodish-Perez Dental Group in Fort Lauderdale, FL and schedule a consultation today. Our team of dentists, through initial exams, will help you determine if FOY Dentures are the next step for you.

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