For Dental Implants, Fort Lauderdale Dentist Offers Important Maintenance Tips

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We’re so happy for you! With help from Dr. Perez and Dr. Kodish you now have a healthy and beautiful smile thanks to dental implants. Unlike other kinds of tooth replacements, implants stand-in for both the root and crown of a missing tooth. First, Dr. Perez or Dr. Kodish embed the implant post in your jaw and then a few months later attaches the appropriate restoration—a porcelain crown for a single missing tooth or a partial or denture for more extensive tooth loss. To properly care for your dental implants, Fort Lauderdale dentists Dr. Perez and Dr. Kodish offer the following advice on cleaning and maintenance.


Why Do Dental Implants Need Extra Care?

First of all, patients that take proper care of their dental implants extend the longevity of these tooth replacements. In fact, implants are actually designed to last a lifetime, but they need your help. Stringent cleaning is essential. Just like your own teeth, dental implants are only as healthy as the soft tissue surrounding them. Therefore, proper gum care is essential. Plaque—that clear and sticky film that develops in the mouth—is just as happy clinging to porcelain as to natural teeth. Therefore, you must take care to remove plaque every day by brushing and flossing your implant-supported teeth.


If plaque is left to accumulate on your dental implants, then a condition like gum disease could develop. A bacterial infection called peri-implantitis can begin to destroy the connection among the implant, the bone, and your gums. Left untreated, peri-implantitis can lead to bone loss around the implant that would then necessitate having the dentist in Fort Lauderdale extract the implanted port and tooth restoration.


How Should I Clean My Dental Implants?

There really isn’t much difference between brushing your natural teeth and your implanted ones. Be sure to use a toothbrush that has soft bristles; like enamel, the porcelain finish on implants is more easily scratched with hard bristles. You can continue using the brush you are used to—no need to switch from a manual brush to an electric or battery-powered.


Next, whether in the morning, at night or in the middle of the day, always make time to floss your teeth and around dental implants. Brushing removes plaque and debris from the visible surfaces of your teeth, but only flossing can get in between teeth and implants.


Finally, be sure to schedule your regular six-month dental checkups with Dr. Perez or Dr. Kodish. We’ll clean your teeth and implants, and the dentist will carefully examine your mouth and x-rays to ensure the integrity of each implant.


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If you would like to learn more about dental implants, or if you have questions about caring for them, please call our office today. Dr. Perez and Dr. Kodish would be glad to help you.



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