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5 Things You Need to Know About Dental Implants

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Do you have a missing tooth that you’ve avoided replacing? You’re not alone. We see countless patients who choose not to replace missing teeth, but even a single lost tooth impacts your oral health. One missing tooth means surrounding teeth receive greater impact while chewing, putting them at greater risk for damage. A single lost tooth will allow surrounding teeth to move to fill in the gap. Your first lost tooth will likely not be your last as jawbone and gum tissue are lost without the necessary stimulation from the tooth root. The only tooth replacement is a prosthetic that addresses all of these concerns are dental implants tooth replacement.


1 – Dental Implants Have a 95% Success Rate

Many people think that dental implant placement is a risky surgical procedure. Actually, innovations in the techniques and technologies behind the dental implant process have improved the success rate to 95%!


2 – Natural Look & Feel

Without damaging surrounding teeth or leaving gaps between teeth and gums, implant-supported tooth replacement solutions create a natural-looking, feeling, and functioning smile you’ll be proud to share.


3 – Improved Chewing Ability

Traditional dentures can only renew about 30% of chewing ability. Dental implants replace 70% or more. That means you can continue to chew a wide range of foods to ensure a complete and varied diet.


4 – Mimic Healthy Root Structure

Root support teeth, stimulate healthy blood flow to maintain jawbone and gum tissue and ensure complete stability. Dental implants function just like your lost tooth root. Other tooth replacement options rely on surrounding teeth and other dental structures for support. Dental implants make this completely unnecessary.


5 – Protect Overall Oral Health

Missing teeth lead to dental drift, teeth shifting out of alignment. This can undo years of costly orthodontic correction. Without the stimulation of the tooth root, your jawbone density and gum tissue volume are significantly diminished. That means you’re at greater risk for future tooth loss.


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